A good big brother

Zak absolutely loves Josiah, and takes his role as big brother very seriously. A few days ago as I was getting ready in the morning, Josiah started crying. I spoke soothingly and hurried to finish my toiletries and getting dressed, but Zak quickly took over for me on comforting Josiah. Zak gently put his hand on Josiah's head and said "It's ok, Josiah, it's ok Josiah, it's ok..." (repeat 15+ times). After a minute, Josiah stopped crying and just looked at Zak. Zak then looked at me, raised both arms in the air and said, "I did it, Mommy, I did it!!"

This afternoon Josiah was fussing a bit in the cot as I got Zak's lunch ready, so I started talking to him from the kitchen, but like before, Zak soon took over for me, and this time he even used my terms of endearment with Josiah! "It's ok Josiah, it's ok sweet boy. It's alright little boy..." Awwwww......

Zak also kindly informs me of what may be bothering Josiah if he gets fussy: "Fink 'e needs a new nappy- he's got a poopy bum!" or, "Josiah doesn't wike the cold!" or, "I fink he wans'ta eat mama milk." (He's often correct in these observations too!)

Zak is also already sure that Josiah will always be on his side of any argument. For example, he may ask me for something (cookies, another movie, etc), and if I say no, Zak will tell me, "Josiah wants _____!" if I persist in saying no, he'll say, "Josiah says YES!" Good try, Zak, but that's not going to work!