"It's on my list!"

Background: Zak, being the observant boy that he is, has noticed me making our grocery list every week, and associates the phrase, "What do you/we need?" (and just the word, "need") with making a list. Sometimes he'll roleplay with me that he's going to the shops and asks me what I need while pretending to make a list.

Zak is sick again with another miserable cold. He's sneezing puddles and his nose is raw after just one day, poor guy. Before Josiah was born, when Zak was sick, often the only way he would accept anything to eat or drink was to breastfeed. He had pretty much self-weaned by the time Josiah arrived, and when I let him try to breastfeed after Joisiah came, he couldn't remember how to latch. From that time on if he asks to nurse I've just reminded him that he's a big boy and the mama milks (his word for breasts) no longer work for him anymore. This afternoon he was absolutely miserable with being sick, and we had the following conversation:

Zak: "Zak needs a big mama milk!"

Me: "The mama milk doesn't work for you anymore, Zak. It only works for Josiah." (as I'm nursing Josiah)

Zak. "Have a big mama milk later?"

Me: "Zak, you're a big boy now- big boys don't need mama milk."

Zak:" I AM needs mama milk! It's on my list!"

It's on his LIST! How could I say no to that? It was just too cute and he was feeling so miserable that I decided to let him try. I couldn't put Josiah down at the time, so tandem nursing it was! To my surprise, after a minute he did manage to latch correctly and settled in for a nice feed and "cuggle" (his word for cuddle/snuggle). As an even bigger surprise, after about 10 minutes, BOTH boys were asleep on my lap! (They stayed that way for about 20 minutes, until Josiah woke up and I got Zak to sleep on the couch instead.)

tandem sleeping




One of the sweetest, most adorable, heart-melting moments ever? Definitely! Did I love it? Of course! Did I enjoy it? Actually, I can't say that I did. It was overwhelming and I felt rather "touched-out", to be honest. I felt awesome that I could give BOTH my boys the most healthy, amazing, comforting substance on earth right when they both needed it, but I've got to say, I don't think I could handle tandem nursing full time. I'm glad Zak is pretty much done. (But if it's on his list again tomorrow, I won't say no! It's one of the best ways to help him get better.)