Zak Zingers

Zak's had too many awesome quotes today not to save them for posterity. So without further ado, I give you Zak:

First the ones I already shared on facebook, just to keep them handy:

Me: Zak, can you help me pick up your toys? We're having someone over for lunch and we want it to be clean.

Zak: Ok, but no singing!

This tells me two things. 1. I sing when I clean, which I kind of already knew (having been raised by a mom who always cleaned with music on), but I didn't realise how often I must do it. and 2. Zak is NOT my biggest fan. Little stinker :-P


As mommies are wont to do, I occasionally refer to Zak's toes as "piggies" ("this little pig went to the market..." etc).

A couple minutes ago Zak fell down outside and whined a little then came in to tell me about it. "I hurt my hands and my pig," he whined pitifully.

I thought he said "big", so I asked him, "You hurt your big toe?"

"Ja, I hurt my big pig!" moaned Zak.

Too cute!

Now for some post-lunch quotes:

Zak was riding his bike in the back yard when he came up the the glass door and informed us that he saw a kookaburra in the tree. Raoul and I just nodded and smiled, obviously knowing that he's not seeing a kookaburra since they only live (natively) in Australia.

Zak, deciding we're not taking this seriously enough, came inside, fake crying, saying. "I saw a kookaburra in the tree!"

I asked him why he was crying about it, and he just repeated that he saw a kookaburra in the tree, so I tried a different tack and asked, "Was the kookaburra scary?"

Zak looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Kookaburra's not scary! Kookaburra likes Zak!"

Then I asked him again, "Then why were you crying?"

"Because I'm happy!" Zak exclaimed.

Right! Of course! Happy fake tears, why didn't I think of that?


Zak sat down on the couch with me and started looking through one of his animal books with me. It's one that just has lots of pictures with the names of the animals underneath. It's a nice one because it has some of the less common animals as well.

So as we looked through the book, I asked Zak questions about the different animals, like what noise they made, what colour they are, where they live, and that sort of thing. On the page featuring arctic animals, I pointed at the walrus and asked Zak what it was. Zak's response? "Where's my bucket?!" Yeah, his daddy likes to keep him keep him up to date with the internet memes (see

sad walrus