The Force is with Me!

Zak wanted to hold Josiah, so we went to the couch and cleared his books and toys (without prompting), sat down, and held out his arms. I sat Josiah in his lap and Zak gently wrapped his arms around him and cuddled him. "Oh Zak, you're holding Josiah so nicely- you're being such a good big brother!" I praised.

Zak, always happy to agree with statements about his greatness, nodded and said, "I'm a good big brother. I'm a good boy!"

I asked Zak if Josiah was good too, and Zak said, "Ja, Josiah a good baby." Then he went on to add, "Daddy is a good man. Mommy is a good..." He paused like he was looking for a word. I was expecting to hear "Mommy", "lady", "girl", or maybe "woman", but instead, he finished his thought, "...jedi."

"Mommy's a good jedi?" I asked.

"Ja, Mommy's a good jedi!" he exclaimed.

Just to make sure he wasn't going to change his mind, I reiterated, "So Josiah's a good baby, you're a good boy, Daddy's a good man, and I'm a good jedi?"

"Ja!" Zak agreed enthusiastically.

So there you have it folks, this mommy is a jedi. (A good one I might add!) The Force is with me! (Now if ony my mind control would work on Zak.)