31 Days of Parenting Littles: View

This post is part of my 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes. See my first post if you haven't heard of 5 minute free writes.

What's your view right now? Mine is of a dirty floor, which had been freshly cleaned. A bookshelf completely out of order, a shirt covered in spit-up, and toys and books scattered over living room couches. What's your view? Mine is of a sweet baby, sleeping on my chest. A house that's being tended to faithfully by my husband while I'm recovering from a c-section birth. A house that's lived in, laughed in, loved in, played in. My view is of a family. A family that isn't perfect, but who loves each other deeply. A family that tries to serve God and each other. A family that puts the needs of the neediest first, and not the needs of whoever is the biggest or most important. My view is of a family with room for improvement in areas, but with room for admiration in others. My view is of imperfection, realness, and joy. My view is of two people from very different backgrounds who came together to create this amazing, beautiful, love-filled mess. I love this view. There may be more aesthetically pleasing ones, but this is mine, and I treasure it.