31 Days of Parenting Littles: Expect

Today's #5MFW is a guest post by none other than me! (aka Raoul)

What are you expecting?

It's a question every parent and parent-to-be is asked when there is a baby on the way. Unlike the bad old days, everyone wants to find out the gender of their new addition to the family. Personally, I don't. As Hannah has explained to numerous friends (over and over again), for me finding out the gender is the only thing that makes the pregnancy exciting. And so we get this question time and time again until baby is born.

A baby

I am so tempted to give this answer every time someone asks me the question. And I've told you this a few times already! *sigh*

In fact, I have answered this on occasion, though most of the time I sigh internally and answer politely, "we don't know, we're waiting till baby is born to find out."

3 boys?

This last time round I was expecting something though. I was expecting a boy, even though I hadn't really fully realised it myself. So, when Anneke was born, I was surprised. In fact, I was surprised at how surprised I was :-)

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